Recruitment is paramount in any industry and no more than in the ski business. We consider age, experience level, aptitude and maturity when taking on our seasonal staff. To manage the team and keep the business on track our senior team are on hand 24hrs a day to keep your holiday healthy. We start in May each and every year and we don’t stop until we find the right people for each and every position

Staff make a business, they are everything in a seasonal position, weekly meetings and group discussions take place throughout the season so our staff can swap stories and ideas  keeping each other informed of what’s happening in each and every chalet

We hire drivers, ski techs, chefs, transport personnel, resort managers, hosts and many other roles to attend to any and every aspect of the booking and holiday process.

Our French office in Bourg St Maurice operate all post sales and ongoing holiday criteria while the Bristol office in the U.K. handles all pre sales queries and reservations.


While our hosts, techs, drivers and chefs drive the ski season, and our managers keep everything in check, experience really is key in these positions, and we at Green Rides pride ourselves in keeping our senior staff coming back year after year, they know the company back to front, almost as well as the director!

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